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Are you looking to start your day in a positive and intentional manner?

Do you want to set the tone for your day by setting a powerful intention for the day, acknowledging what you are grateful for and finding clarity among your swirling thoughts and feelings?

This morning journal is for you.

Whether you have long standing morning routine or you are working towards building one, this journal can support your goals.

I created this journal because I couldn’t find the right journal for me. I found some journals were overly structured, with too many prompts and sections, while others were simply lined pages and did not offer any guidance. This journal is designed to be a balance of two. It is designed to be flexible to your needs and how you want to use it.

For each day you will find a designated section for:
* your intention for the day
* your gratitude practice
* your journaling practice
* inspirational quote

For those days, where the words don’t come as easy and you need some inspiration, not only will you find an uplifting and empowering quite, you can also find a list of:
* 20 gratitude prompts
* 40 journal prompts

Each journal has 100 days to keep your habit going strong.

Multiple colours available: blush pink, mauve, gold, sienna, marine, navy and charcoal.