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Are you looking to stay dedicated to your healthy habits so you can make progress on your wellness journey?

This wellness journal will help you achieve your wellness and lifestyle goals. It will not only keep you focused on all of your wellness goals and healthy habits, but it will help you be more in tune with your body, mind and soul.

The journal starts off with a process to get clear on what you want to accomplish and how you want to feel through your wellness journey. From there, you develop a set of goals that will bring you to that point.

When you have clarity around your goals, each day has designated areas to track your progress on various aspects of wellness. This includes:
* food/nutrition
* hydration
* sleep
* movement/exercise
* self care

Each day also has a section where you can check in with your body, mind and soul. This is helpful to understand what healthy habits help you to feel your best and any patterns in your life.

You will get 180 days of journaling to ensure you will make progress on your wellness goals.

There are additional sections for writing your thoughts and emotions to reflect on your wellness journey. There are several journaling prompts to get more clarity on your wellness journey, what you have achieved and what you look forward to achieving.

There are also monthly habit trackers to get a better sense of how your healthy habits are going, your progress and any patterns in your habits.

The journal is designed to be flexible so you can use in a way that meets your unique needs. There are designated sections to provide guidance, however you can choose to you use those areas in whatever way you want.

Journal cover available in various colours include blush pink, mauve, gold, sienna, marine, navy and charcoal.