Divine Remedy Healing - Splash of Tea Tree

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Splash of Tea Tree is 100% pure organic tea tree hydrosol.


For best results apply to clean dry skin and wait for skin to absorb prior to putting skin moisturizer.

Tea Tree oil possesses antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antifungal properties. It's been widley used to treat acne and pimples with success. As putting any oil neat on skin might cause a reactoin, hydrosol (floral water) from the oils is a safe and gentle way to get the benefits of the oil without the risks.


Suggested Uses:

  • Skin Care - for acne and pimple breakouts spray on clean and dry skin 2 -3 times a day as needed. Using it daily in some cases may prevent future breakouts
  • Oral Care - the anti-infectious agent keeps mouth and gums free from bacteria - simply spray directly in mouth and wash out with water.
  • Immune Support - If getting sick gargle throughout the day


Size: 30ml spray