294 - Sendy Organic - Himalayan Muscle Soak - Burlington

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Handmade in Burlington, Ontario.

Your best friend after a day on the mountain!

Our Himalayan rock salt relaxes your muscles as it’s 84 minerals are absorbed into the body leaving you feeling relaxed, relieved and ready to adventure again. Soaking can improve your quality of sleep, reduce inflammation after hard days on the slopes and ensures your skin recovers from dryness due to harsh elemental conditions. 

Now, the 100% organic oils. 

Golden Jojoba - This anti-inflammatory helps with chaffing and chapping, and relieving the itchiness after wearing ski socks all day. Oh, and the vitamin E and B-complex vitamins help repair skin and keep you looking your best. 

Black Spruce - From Canada, this beauty of an oil soothes and cools the skin. The refreshing aroma brings calmness and relief to your senses. If you close your eyes and breath in, you can almost feel yourself cruising through powder filled tree runs.

Lavender - Purple and pure goodness. Benefits include the ability to lessen acne and reduce wrinkles. Lavender is well known for its aromatics and the ability to relieve anxiety and stress. So if you’re worried about bad weather on your mountain trip, don’t! Bluebird days are coming your way.

Frankincense - This ancient oil treats dry skin and reduces the appearance of winkles, age spots, scars and stretch marks. It also brings peace and relaxation through its amazing scent profile.

Together, this combination is the best way to unwind after enjoying the outdoors, and it won’t cost you hundreds of dollars like public spas. 

Tips - After turning on the water, pour salts in right away. This gives the soak optimal time to dissolve. Use either the full bag, or half. A full bag is recommended for maximum relaxation. Use your hand to move the salts around in the water to help them dissolve. After your soak, run the shower head or splash water to remove any excess salt down the drain. The optimal time to soak for is anywhere between 30-45-60 minutes.