371 - Spice Pig Fine Condiments - Ceramic Garlic Grater Pack

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We admit we're not the gadgety type, but there's just something about a simple, well-made kitchen accessory that speaks to our spicy little heart.  These ceramic garlic graters combine function and style and were handmade by Canadian potter Gisele Gawlak.  To grate your clove of garlic, simple peel it, hold it by the root, and then press it against the raised pattern on the grater and grate in a circular motion.  Perfect garlic puree in record time.

Don't think you need to stop at mere garlic!  At roughly 5" across, these graters are the perfect size to add olive oil and the Spice Pig seasoning of your choice to create the ultimate dipper for the bread of your choice.  We've packaged them up with two 1oz / 28g samples of some of our favourites from the Spice Pig collection, in a kraft gift box secured with rustic twine.