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Za'atar -  2oz / 56g pouch

Za’atar is both the Arabic word for the herb hyssop (wild thyme) and the name of a blend of herbs and spices. Regional differences exist throughout the Mediterranean countries of the Middle East and family recipes are secretive and jealously guarded.  

Our blend of hyssop, sumac berry, sesame seed and salt is Lebanese inspired and provides a subtle, comforting vibes to just about anything.  There’s no heat, just a lovely herbaceous, citrusy, nutty harmony of flavours that is low key delicious. Za’atar goes well with meats and grilled vegetables but where we love it most is either mixed with hummus, or combined with a bit of olive oil then slathered on flatbread. 

  • naturally gluten free, spice leve 0 out of 5 (5 being highest)
  • freshly ground and blended to preserve aromas and flavours

Made in Grimsby, ON.