DoTerra- Men's Amavi Cologne Set

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The Amāvī® Discovery Set features a trio of personal cologne scents created especially for men. Sleek and portable, this set travels with you anywhere and takes you everywhere.


Amāvī® Roso

Amavi Roso is a statement of strength and confidence. Citrusy, with a tasteful metallic note, the aroma is the very essence of energy and success.

Amāvī® Azul

Amavi Azul captures the fresh, crisp aroma of freedom. From azure waves and the endless white sands of a distant beach to the vaulting blue skies above us, let this scent take your senses somewhere truly boundless.

Amāvī® Noir

Amavi Noir is a subtle extension of your individual mystery. Understated yet distinctive, the daringly dark, sweet aroma is as captivating as your inner self.