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The Rose Lilac Face Mist is a luxurious product that includes locally harvested Lilac Flower Essence Water, Organic Witch Hazel and Full Moon Water, along with doTERRA's Rose Essential Oil, adn doTERRA's Helichrysum Essential Oil. 


Celebrate Natural Beauty! Radiate Roses and Lilacs!

Rose essential oil is one of the highest frequency natural elements on earth, at 320 hz. Raise your own vibrational frequency by using this mist regularly. Take a deep breath and inhale gratitude for your own natural beauty. 


Lilac Flower Essence Water:

This essence helps to release and surrender. Step into the flow of the moment with appreciation. 


Rose Essential Oil (doTERRA):

This essential oil is very precious. It is soothing and rejuvinating to the skin, heart and mood. 


Organic Witch Hazel:

This is a natural astringent with cleansing, clarifying and toning abilities on the skin. 

Helichrysum Essential Oil (doTERRA):

This essential oil is soothing and relieving for the skin.