7c Salts - B53 - Root Chakra Bath Salt - 205 grams

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Handcrafted by 7 C Salt

Back to My Roots: Root / Cedarwood + Vetiver oils + beetroot powder for a woodsy scent that promotes grounding. 

Child's Play: Sacral / Blood Orange + Bergamot for an uplifting smell that promotes playfulness. 

I Am My Sunshine: Solar / May Chang + Rosemary for a joyful scent that promotes confidence. 

I Love Myself Today: Heart / Marjoram + Ylang Ylang for a mixture of spicy & sweet that promotes harmony & balance between the feminine + masculine - giving + receiving. 

Speaking Of...:Throat / Clary Sage + Peppermint for a clean scent that promotes clarity & courage.

Apple of My Third Eye: Third Eye / Lavender for a relaxing smell that promotes awareness & spiritual growth. 

I Get It: Crown / Patchouli, Benzoin + Vanilla for a rich earthy/floral smell that promotes consciousness & togetherness. 

From mixing the oils, salts + colourants together, to grinding the herbs + botanicals in a mortar & pestle, to packaging them up, and putting the labels on - it's all done by Katelyn's hands.