#351 - Two Sheets to the Wind - Gift Sets - Various Kinds

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*** pictures are not exactly what is shown

Bath Oasis Set

what a better way to relax then with a Lavender inspired Bath!!

poppyseed Orgainic Scrub Soap, 100% cotton hand towel, Handmade Organic Soaplettes, Floating Candle,

Lavender, Chamomile and Himalayan Pink Salt Bath Tea Bags,

may not be the same as pic.

Bedroom Escape Lavender Set  

Relax in Bed relaxing to the Sent of Lavender!

Set includes Lavender and Rice Weighted Mask, Lavender and Rice Warming Pillow, Lavender Lingerie Sachet

Lavender Pillow Sachet


may not be exactly as shown

Teen Gift Set

Assorted Lavender inspired items!

Lavender and rice warming pillow, 100% cotton face cloth, Handmade organic soaplettes, notebook, bookmark, nail file and purple nail polish!

What more can a girl want!!


may not be the same as picture

Lavender Kitchen Magic Gift Set

Just for the cook in your life!!! A Kitchen Magic Gift Set

100% Cotton Hand Sewn Serving Apron, 100% Cotton Tea Towel, Note Card pack, Handmade Lavender mini Soaps

maynot be exactly as shown in pic!

Lavender Guest Set

Guest Pack contains assorted Lavender items!!

100% cotton face cloth, handmade organic soaplettes, lavender luggage tag, toothbrush, dental picks, and toothpaste kit, note card pack!

may not be the same as picture