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Year round and seasonal  home and office decor, handmade by Lina (short from Pavlina). 

I'm always inspired to create new products and designs. 
Every single piece is different from the other ones, even in the same collection.

Custom designs are one of my favorite products,since I like challenges. I also wanna try new techniques.

Everything started with a fresh evergreens outdoor Christmas arrangement, that I made for the front of my house. Therefore that product is always first on the list for Christmas season. 
10 years later, I'm motivated more, every day.

All the support and every single purchase, big or small, makes my heart happy, and allows me to do what I love most and that's to CREATE. 
For that, I'm beyond thankful. 

With love,
the maker behind
"Lina's Decor"

Pavlina Kolevska