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Black garlic is a garlic that we ferment in a controlled heat and humidity environment. As it ferments over several weeks it starts to caramelize, it becomes sweeter, starts to develop notes of balsamic vinegar, coffee, chocolate and most importantly UMAMI flavor.

MUSTARD: Created through a unique fermentation process, black garlic is a jewel among flavourings.  An anti-oxidant powerhouse, this garlic is renowned as much for its robust flavour as it is for its known health benefits. Though it begins as regular garlic, black garlic stands on its own as sweet-savoury experience. 

SALT: Coarse sea salt and our fine black garlic powder come together to make this powerhouse of umami flavour. Salts natural flavour enhancing properties really allow the black garlic to shine. Think of it as the perfect finishing touch on any meat dish, or Caesar salad – and of course, in cocktail Caesars’ as well. It’s also a great add to the rim of your Caesar cocktail. And hang on to that cute little bottle – we now offer refills.

VINEGAR: This vinegar is infused with our in house black garlic, and a little bit of mustard seed.

Use it in salad dressings, marinades and dipping sauces. It’s fantastic with fish and chips, chips, chips!!