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White Truffle: Truffle lovers know what makes this MUSTARD magical. Referred to by some as the “Diamond of the Kitchen” the white truffle is one of the rarest of the truffle family. The earthy flavour and woodsy notes of the white truffle marry perfectly with MUSTARD and will compliment (or star!) in many of your creations. Treat yourself with this luxury everyday.

Did you know that horseradish and mustard are from the same family? Our chefs were inspired to create this little reunion, and like any good family reunion – this one has a bit of bite! It’s a perfect balance for the sophisticated palate, bringing forth full mustard flavour with a healthy taste of horseradish. Great on any sandwich, but especially delicious on roast beef and pork or in your own dips and sauces. It’s one reunion you won’t want to miss!