Spack Craft - Shopping Cart Handle Cover (multiple styles)

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The Shopping Cart Handle Cover (small) measures approximately 13" long by 5.5" tall and is designed to fit over a handles between 1-1.5" in diameter based on how much you over or under velcro.

It is designed to wrap around the shopping cart handle so that you don't have to touch the handle directly.  

This is the ideal size to use for a pharmacy shopping cart while also being able to use on the typical grocery store cart (it just wont be as wide as the cart).

Care Instructions:  Machine washable and dryable 

Please take note of the following:
- Each item is handmade - pattern placement may vary from item to item. 
- Colours may appear slightly different on your monitor.

COVID-19 Tips: 

  • Wash prior to first use
  • Wash after every use
  • Disinfect handle first (if possible) and apply over shopping cart being careful not to touch the handle or cart if possible
  • Remove by only touching the outside layer, fold or roll up and place in a ziploc or small pouch to take home and wash before next use.