Spack Craft - Adult Face Masks (Various Prints) - Burlington

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Cotton "surgical style" mask with pleats. 

Two different prints to be able to quickly determine which side is which. 

Designed to last longer!  Nose wire and elastic ear loops can be replaced!  See Spack Craft’s YouTube channel for video tutorials on how to replace them.

Includes bendable nose wire (replaceable) and filter pocket for inserting an extra layer.

Replaceable Elastic ear loops.  All elastic will stretch over time which is why each mask comes with a set of replacement loops. 

Adult Size – 3 pleats

Kids Size – 2 pleats (fits approximately ages 5-14)

Care Instructions 

Machine wash (any temperature) and dry.  (If you want to avoid major wrinkles, lay flat to dry)

Iron/press on cotton (high) setting if you don't like a wrinkly look - note - avoid ironing over the plastic coated nose piece as it will melt if you do so.  Either iron around it or remove it before ironing.

Wash prior to first use and after taking off for any reason. 

Please note:  Spack Craft is not making any health or medical claims with regards to handmade masks.  This is not a medical grade mask, please use at your own risk and remember to practice proper PPE techniques.