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Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee


Milky and buttery, maple syrup, brown sugar, and fig are only some adjectives used to describe the Kolen fully washed arabica typica from Kok Ki Chante. We've added Uganda Robusta beans to spice up this espresso blend.


This balanced, well-rounded Haitian coffee produced by the Association de Petits Producteurs de Cafe Colin (APPCC) is excellent for dark roast and espresso blend applications. Kolen is now a staple for many roasting partners across North America.


Sales of our Haitian coffee support local communities through The Association Petits Planteurs Café Colin in Kolen.


Similar to Jamaica, Haiti also has a unique micro-climate that benefits the production of coffee; it is also the most mountainous country in the Caribbean. The coffee has a distinctive and unforgettable taste due to its healthy, volcanic, and rich soils. The coffee's Ethiopian roots heavily influence the traditions of the Haitian farmers when cultivating, making the coffee refined and rich in flavour.


Kolen is more of an area than a town in rural Haiti. It's situated in the High South East Department of Haiti near the Dominican border. Farmers in this area have been growing coffee for centuries; it's not just a tradition; this small farmer-owned association, APPCC (Association de Petits Producteurs de Cafe Colin), is the livelihood for 200+ families that comprise the cooperative.


  • Grade: 17-18
  • Process: Washed
  • Cup Score: 84.0
  • Cupping Notes: Milk chocolate, butter/cream, maple syrup & brown sugar
  • Body: Voluptuous
  • Aftertaste: Quick and chocolaty
  • Acidity: Mild, Citric, Malic
  • Best for Espresso, French Press & Drip
  • Producer: Kok Ki Chante // APCAB COOP
  • Origin: Haiti
  • Region: Kolen
  • Surrounding Vegetation: Banana Trees, Plantain, Grapefruit, & Avocados
  • Elevation: 3700m
  • Varietal: Arabica Typica